Shebada In Charge Synopsis

The casts of Shebada in Charge.

When Alice took sick and had to go abroad for an urgent operation she wanted to close her business establishment. She operated “Alice Wholesale and Joint”, where she employed six persons, who would be out of work if the business is closed.

She had no option but to turn over the daily business operations to her nephew Shebada. Only Shebada did not know they were related until she told the staff. This came as a big shock to Delbert, who was a foundation member and a loyalist to Alice. He had been waiting all
these years to have shares in the business and become in charge when Alice retires. He was devastated by the news and set out for revenge.

The other staff members are from different social back grounds and personalities. Each with their personal issues and they are seeking a way to resolve these issues and move up the ladder of survival. These personal issues are often time taken to work and Shebada finds himself in the middle, always trying to resolve these issues, thus preventing the business being impacted, because some are looking for him to fail. These are serious topical issues with a comical twist.

6 Responses to Shebada In Charge Synopsis

  1. Monique says:

    This can never miss me every Thursday… The show is hilarious :)

  2. Sonia says:

    Lob your performances a fan of yours for as long as you been acting…this a great show!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. latoya murray says:

    Love the show shebby mi a watch yuh from u enter comedy bus a u should a win but neva d less u deh pon top continue the good work I watch all ur plays

  4. shushana says:

    Shebada a how yu one so talented

  5. tennisha says:

    Me nah tell no lie, it’s as real as life itself

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